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Our deep knowledge in the Nordic & Baltic strategic & digital design scene guides you to the partner who shares your values and understands your business goals.

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Our deep knowledge in the Nordic & Baltic strategic & digital design scene guides you to the partner who shares your values and understands your business goals.


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[FI] ETN: Vuokrakoodaja voi pelastaa projektin

On tunnettua, että Suomessa on jopa yli 10 tuhannen koodaajan vaje. Virolainen Allies Digital tuli syksyllä paikkaamaan vajetta baltialaisilla ja puolalaisilla koodareilla. Toimitusjohtaja Priit Pavelsonin mukaan toiminta on lähtenyt lupaavasti käyntiin.

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[FI] Ohjelmistokehittäjien osaajamarkkina Suomessa 2020

Lataa yrityksesi käyttöön syväluotaava markkinatutkimus ohjelmistoalan kasvua hidastavasta osaajapulasta.

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Talent platform of 4,200 coders launches in Finland

Allies Digital, funded by Finnish venture capital fund Gorilla Capital, aims to solve the dire talent shortage within Finland’s ICT sector by launching an international platform of thousands of coders.

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Finland Software & Cloud Services Market Report - August 2020

In-depth state-of-the-market research report by Lingonberry Island Oy with data from 120 Finnish Software & Cloud Services Companies with €1mln-€150mln revenue.

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Can Baltic & Polish dev houses succeed in Finnish public tenders?

In our continuous exploration of the Finnish IT services market, 6 months ago, we decided to run an experiment. We wanted to know if Baltic & Polish dev houses could stand a realistic chance to be competitive in Finnish public IT tenders.

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Strategic Partnership to build №1 IT Talent Fulfillment Platform and Lingonberry Island take a big step into a high value partnership. Companies have agreed about strategic collaboration to develop the best Talent Fulfillment Platform in terms of customer experience, customer value and competitiveness on the market.

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Allies joins Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications

ITL is a non-profit association uniting information and communication technology companies and organisations. The combined turnover of the members of ITL is more than 70% of the total turnover of the Estonian ICT sector.

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Allies Live #2: Software business in times of crisis

With 1+ month of state of emergency, the crisis has evolved and we are only starting to understand the depth of it. We sat down with Przemek Berendt, Andreas Flodström, Harri Koponen & Kaido Petter, software development industry insiders from Talent Alpha, Beetroot, Nortal & Ignite to discuss the current market situation.

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Allies Live #1: Software Business in Times of Crisis

3 days into the state of emergency, Janne Kalliola, Chairman of Code from Finland/CEO of Exove joined Priit Pavelson to discuss software business in times of crisis. They discussed risk management, facing potential effects, adopting new approaches towards sales and recruiting - and much more.

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Allies Early Crisis Report published in Äripäev

Allies conducted a research among IT consultancy companies in Estonia to understand the early effects of the covid crisis on the industry. The research conclusions were published in Äripäev.

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