Tutkimus: Ohjelmistokehittäjien osaajamarkkina Suomessa 2021

Filling the staffing potholes is one of the most efficient way to grow

In-depth state-of-the-market research report reveals the 10 Staffing Potholes that takes the growth out of software & cloud services companies. Download our free report and see it yourself.

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Report covers:

• Discuss EBITDA margin impact as a growth generating tool
• Highlight typical staffing potholes in software companies
• Show market relevant comparison of Internal Rate of Return calculation resolving potholes
• Discuss how resolving 10 potholes helps winning in the market
• Show details and sources behind calculations

Beat the industry growth rate by solving coder shortage for good

Allies Digital is building the best Talent Fulfillment Platform for Finnish software & cloud services companies. Through the single contract model, our customers gain access to 4200 talented coders from 135 leading Baltic & Polish software houses.

Launched in Q4 2020, Allies is helping its customers win large scale tenders and place hard-to-find talent into complex projects.

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Coder shortage - what?

No, coder shortage is not a myth. There are 14,000 coders missing in Finland.

This shortage is hindering the growth of software services businesses 20-30% yearly - meaing, top 20 IT services companies are missing 800 engineers yearly.

800 people who would create new products/services, push digitalization and boost the country’s overall competitiveness.

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