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  1. Large Software Services Companies

    Win more business with 4500 new talents hidden from the recruitment market

  2. Small & mid-sized Software Services Companies

    Join the platform to get longer & better projects with higher rates for your team.

The Problem

What's in it for me?

Software services industry is struggling with an unprecedented talent shortage. Yet, the demand for services is distributed unevenly:

Large companies hold keys to the most lucrative enterprise & public sector deals but they lack the talent to enter all the bids they would like to.

Small companies, on the other hand, have the access to local hidden talent pools, but they lack the tools & sales power to reach the best client cases.

Allies connects the loose ends, brings together the supply & demand, and enables highest value for all players in the software services industry.

How it works

Access largest database of talents

Single-point-of-access into a growing database of 4500 developers from 100s of Baltic & CEE niche software development houses. Get the talent you need to win more business from your customers.

Better projects for your teams

All deals from top Nordic enterprise, tech & public sector customers in one place. Gain visibility, apply and win projects that are more challenging, better paid & longer lasting.

Tailored tools that help you grow

All tools you need to seamlessly operate your software development company. Manage internal CV database, talent allocation, resourcing & sales through one freemium model platform.

Case Studies

Not just talking the talk but walking the walk

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Allies gave Solita an immediate wow factor that remains

With Allies instant assistance, Solita was able to submit a demanding offer in a very short notice.

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Allies auttaa Goforea kansainvälisessä kasvussa

Markkinoita nopeammin kasvanut Gofore pystyy tarjoamaan Alliesin avulla monipuolisempia osaajia eri hintakategorioissa.

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Exove varmistaa lupauksensa asiakkailleen Alliesin avulla: "Vaarana on, että Suomessa ei ole jatkossa riittävästi osaavia tekijöitä"

Janne Kalliola: Suomessa ei ole jatkossa riittävästi osaavia tekijöitä. Suomalaisten digiprojektien tilaajien pitää oppia ostamaan englanniksi, jotta projektit ja bisneksen kasvu eivät hidastu.

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3-step checklist: Winning Public IT Tenders in the era of Talent Shortage

Talent Shortage is the biggest growth hindering factor of the Finnish IT services industry. It slows the growth rate yearly by a staggering 25–30%.

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Filling the staffing potholes is one of the most efficient way to grow

In-depth state-of-the-market research report reveals the 10 Staffing Potholes that take the growth out of software & cloud services companies. Download our free report and see it yourself.

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[FI] ETN: Vuokrakoodaja voi pelastaa projektin

On tunnettua, että Suomessa on jopa yli 10 tuhannen koodaajan vaje. Virolainen Allies Digital tuli syksyllä paikkaamaan vajetta baltialaisilla ja puolalaisilla koodareilla. Toimitusjohtaja Priit Pavelsonin mukaan toiminta on lähtenyt lupaavasti käyntiin.

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Allies Reports

Keep up to the latest market information with our reports

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Expert market survey 2021 [FI]

A new study commissioned by Allies reveals the fastest way to grow in the software industry.

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