Senior Full Stack Engineer / DevOps

At Birkle IT Estonia
Available from March 4
Based in Tallinn, Estonia
Has experience in following:
Node, Vue, Angular, PHP, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes

Past projects

  • Cloud-based big-data IoT project

    Industry: Internet of Things
    building cloud and developing software for multi-location cloud-based big-data IoT project
  • B2B/B2C Real Estate Portal

    Industry: Real Estate
    leading a team of 15 people to build one of the biggest B2B/B2C real-estate portals in EMEA supporting 150,000 users/second
  • Ride sharing solution development

    Industry: Transportation
    Duration: 1 year & 3 month
    Working on Fleet Owner and Driver portal applications and mobile Aps. Tasks: • Implementing new features on API with Node.js • Implementing new UI screens with Ember.js • Implementing new features on back office with PHP • Converting unit tests to Jest and adding new ones • Adding code quality tools like ESLint • Adding new features to Driver and Fleet Owner Portals
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