Senior Full Stack Engineer

At Birkle IT Estonia
Available from March 4
Based in Tallinn, Estonia
Has experience in following:
Node, React, Javascript, .NET, Java, MySQL

Past projects

  • Data Processing Software

    Industry: Insurance
    Duration: 10 month
    Data processing software for searching and viewing business data, which will allow workers fulfil daily tasks more effectively. Tasks: • Implementing functionalities in Front-End • Implementing functionalities in Back-End • Data Migration
  • Analytical Application

    Industry: Gambling
    Duration: 7 month
    Application, which analysing Betting Software. Tasks: • Library Development • Background processing applications • Front-End and Back-End Development • Code review
  • Products Development

    Industry: Online Services
    Duration: 2 years & 8 month
    Existing products improvement, new products development, 3rd party applications integration. Tasks: • Front-End and Back-End Development • Code review
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