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Through Allies, Digia Hub quickly gets coders not found anywhere else

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With the help of Allies, the top professionals whom Digia Hub has been looking for for months were found in a mere time frame of 12 hours: “We need to get more external and non-Finnish-speaking factors into future projects.”

Digia Hub's job is to find freelance or nearshore coders for Digia's customer projects. It acts as an intermediary for experts and does not hire coders for its own payrolls.

Allies is part of the Digia Hub network and provides nearshore assistance for projects. For example, in the first six months of 2021, Allies has provided through its network of approximately 40 experts for 16 different projects.

Nearshore help is the solution to the shortage of coders.

Allies has helped Digia Hub by quickly finding top experts who cannot be found in Finland.

Coders have been found for data processing, integration of various systems, block chains, mobile solutions and ERP / CRM solutions, among others.

Through Allies, Digia Hub has found, among other things, three D365 Project Managers in just 12 hours. Similar experts had been sought in Finland for several months.

Allies provided experts we would not otherwise have found. This has diversified our offerings. We have been able to participate in several tenders.

Hannu Hiilamo, Digia Hub's Business Development Lead

Allies helps Digia Hub to alleviate the shortage of coders, which is already severe for certain experts in Finland. Without outside help, many public development projects on the planning table could slow down considerably in the future.

In the future, we must get even more external and non-Finnish-speaking factors for public projects. Age groups are shrinking and the gaming industry is taking its own, especially from younger coders. There is a shortage of developers and we need more of them.

When there are not enough authors in Finland, nearshore help can be a relief for many projects.

An extensive network of experts in several countries ensures that we are able to help Digia find exactly the best experts they need.

Priit Pavelson, CEO of Allies

The network helps you find just the right expert quickly and cost-effectively

Networked and location-independent work is a growing megatrend. It is also strongly visible in the coder industry. The number of freelancers is growing and authors want to be more free to decide how and where they do their work.

In Hannu Hiilamo's opinion, the Allies model is perfect for projects that can be done regardless of location. A comprehensive network in the Baltics and Poland makes it easy to find Near-shore experts.

Without Allies, we would have to contact coders in the Baltics individually. Projects are significantly accelerated when we have Allies’ strong networks and help at our disposal. The price level is also lower than Finnish coders.

Allies' Priit Pavelson points out that a comprehensive network in different countries guarantees flexible pricing.

The pricing of coders in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland is different in each country. Because we have both freelancers and partner companies in our network, we are able to offer experts in several different price ranges.

Digia Hub has been very pleased with the cooperation with Allies. Experts have been found quickly and in a flexible manner.

When we send a request, we have always received quality factors. Allies takes the responsibility for projects by looking at exactly what we need. They handle the requests quickly.

Hannu Hiilamo

Wondering how Allies can help your business overcome the coder shortage? Contact Priit Pavelson: or +372 555 83 271 (English & Finnish)