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Our podcast series cater all the topics that should be on the agenda of every software industry executive.

Episode 6: Riikka & Jussi

Let's be Allies, Riikka & Jussi!

In this episode of Let´s be Allies the host Tomi Kaukinen talks with Fusion´s Riikka Uimonen and Jussi Siltanen about the Fusion Ecosystem, helping software companies to thrive and of course a bit about Allies´ new role in the ecosystem.

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Episode 5: Priit & Petri

Let's be Allies, Priit & Petri!

In this episode of Let´s be Allies the CEO of Allies Priit Pavelson and angel investor Petri Niiranen talk about talent shortage, listening to customers and how to take Finnish IT-markets. If you tick for the founder perspective, insights about the "CV-business" and why the Polish IT-companies are among the best, this one is just for you!

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Episode 4: Luoto Company

Let's be Allies, Luoto Company!

In this episode of Let´s be Allies the software industry disruptors Tuomas Nousiainen and Timo Korander from Luoto Company open up the new ecosystem thinking with our host Tomi Kaukinen. Can you make a profitable business that sounds like communism? How structure eats culture for breakfast? How the ownership can change the way developers think about customers and projects and how small is the new big!

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Episode 3: Saana Rossi

Let's be Allies, Saana Rossi!

Is there anything employers in the IT sector can do to differentiate yourself? What is an authentic communication? Where demand for growth leads the service company? How you can make easier attracting talents? Hear Saana Rossi from Finland, HR-industry expert and author of "Rekrytoija" book.

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Episode 2: Mikael Nylund (CEO of Gofore)

Let's be Allies, Mikael Nylund!

Hear the story of becoming a CEO of 1000+ people company and importance of servant leadership. Mikael Nylund, the CEO of Gofore, shares his experience on sleepless nights, long term development, and how different a company can be with impact we have in the world. You will learn more about Mikael's challenges as the CEO, different states of of maturity of foreign markets, and next megatrends in IT business. Hold tight and ally with us.

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Episode 1: Antti Kiukas (Commercial director at Hasan & Co)

Let's be Allies, Antti Kiukas!

How the software development can differentiate itself like Levi's jeans did? What is the demand-driven growth? Is there a way to stay unique and authentic with brand positioning? Hear more in the rock-solid episode with an industry veteran, Antti Kiukas.

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