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You probably have a lot of questions so here's our FAQ to help you out.

What is allies?
Allies is your concierge in the outsourcing industry. Our platform guides you through the process of finding, matchmaking & contracting with the most suitable digital service provider for your project. We'll support you from A to Z.
Is allies an agency, outsourcing firm, software developer, digital marketing provider?
No. Allies is none of that. Allies curates a network of leading service providers, such as outsourcing firms, development companies, digital marketing & design agencies. We have 50+ leading agency partners predominantly from Estonia & Finland.
What's the process - how does it work?
What's your business model?
You can see us as Our service to the client is free and we make our money from commissions paid by our partner agencies. We benefit from long-term partnerships that are forged between our clients and service providers.
Can my agency become your partner?
What are your commission rates?
You’ll have to discuss this with our team .
Can I refer a project?
Yes, you can do it here .
How much will I get paid for a project that I refer to you?
We give you up to 5% of the total value of 1st year revenue generated to our service provider by the client.
Can you help promote my product to your agency partners?
Sorry, but in 99% of the cases, the answer is “no”. We are not in the position to push software or other products/services to our partners. Service providers partner with us to get qualified dealflow & educate their end customers about the industry. And we like to keep our focus.

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