Report: How to increase EBITDA through staffing? The fact based view

Finland Software & Cloud Development Services Market Report - 2020

In-depth state-of-the-market research report by Lingonberry Island Oy with data from 120 Finnish Software & Cloud Development Services Companies with €1mln-€150mln revenue.

About the report

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Report covers:

- How did the industry grow in 2019?
- What has been the 2020 Q2 pandemic impact on the industry?
- What is the outlook for the rest of 2020?
- Winning growth strategies supported by data.
- Concrete factors that increase profitability.

Petri Niiranen - who?

Petri Niiranen runs the growth development company Lingonberry Island Oy. A software industry insider with intrinsic interest in solving business problems & building value propositions that make great companies.

Creator of Business Value Chart®, the tool used to find competitive advantages, increase revenue and maximize profits. Petri serves his customers in Finland and Baltics.

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Building the leading B2B IT Talent Fulfillment Platform

Lingonberry Island Oy & Allies are in strategic partnership to develop the best Talent Fulfillment Platform in terms of customer experience, customer value and competitiveness on the market.

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