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Your concierge in the digital outsourcing industry.

The one and only up-to-date database of Estonian & Finnish digital service providers. We know who’s best-equipped to partner with for any of your projects.

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We're born from the pain of finding the right developers, marketers & designers for projects. Our knowledge in the Nordic and Baltic agency market helps you navigate this complex world.

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Web development

Our allies are the leading web development agencies in the region. From specialized boutique development houses of 3-10 people, to full stack development powerhouses, competences ranging from front-end to progressive web apps, eCommerce to web portals & far beyond.

You will be investing 10-30 minutes briefing us on your project. Detailed input ensures quality output – we’ve got all the right questions to set your project up for success & match-make you to potentially the best partner on the market.

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Digital marketing

Covering anything from Social Media Marketing to SEO, SEM & PPC; Affiliate to E-Mail Marketing, etc; Digital Marketing deserves a handbook on its own. Finding the right partners for your unique marketing mix can be overwhelming even for a seasoned CMO.

At the end of the day, it’s about focusing efforts on the most appropriate channels to ensure the highest return on time & money invested. In 10-30 minutes, we’ll map your digital marketing needs to match with partners that can solve your most burning business questions.

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Creative & design

Finding the right creative agency is all about quantifying the intangible. Whether it’s strategic or process design, branding or web design, product or package design, best results are achieved when there is an absolute client-partner trust & understanding.

Therefore, we don't just look at your business, industry & budget, but also your values & beliefs to find the partner with the highest likelihood for a genuine *click* with you and your project.

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Software development

In 2019, competitive edge is gained through digitization. Development houses offer a baffling range of competences under the umbrella of “Software Development”. A good agency usually masters a few coding languages, frameworks & technologies. Our job is to make sense of the potential applications of their unique skillsets.

If you're looking to embrace the online economy, build an extended team or have an idea for a new product/service, we’ve got the right questions & data to guide you to the partner that’s strongest in your domain.

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Mobile app development

With Bolt, Rovio, Skype, Supercell (& many more), Nordics & Baltics have long been the frontrunners of building excellent mobile products. This also reflects in the local agency supply. Whether it’s iOS, Android, React Native, or any other competence – we’ve got it covered.

We'll help to make sure your development needs are aligned with your budget, identify your tech & design stack & match you with the agency that's best-equipped to partner with you on the project.

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Other crazy IT services

We've helped find partners for the VR experience of Dubai's highest tower, matched AR & big data projects with appropriate parties & are open to any crazy project idea that you may have.

Being the most active agency matchmaker in our region, we know the who's who of our industry and are driven to support your project from idea to execution & marketing.

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Allies is your only objective partner for agency recruitment.

Our match-making is impartial & objective. We only make money when we’ve found a win-win partnership between the client and agency. There’s no selling, no advertising. There’s facts & data, experience & intuition. That’s our recipe for success.

Grown in Talsinki with a global ambition.

We feel at home in Tallinn & Helsinki. But our plans are bigger. We want to be the leading agency matchmaker not just in Nordics & Baltics, but across Europe. And we need your help.

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Mikä on “match-making” palveluntarjoajan kanssa ja kuka siitä hyötyy?

Yritysten digitalisaation, ihmisten muuttuvien työtapojen, maantieteellisten rajojen heikentyminen ja sisäisen työvoiman kallistumisen vuoksi palveluntarjoajien merkitys IT-, markkinointi- ja suunnittelualalla on pikkuhiljaa kasvamassa.

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Mis on agentuuride “match-making” ja kellel sellest kasu on?

Ettevõtete digitaliseerimise, inimeste muutuvate tööharjumuste, geograafilise piiride hägustumise ja in-house tööjõu kallinemise tõttu on agentuuride roll IT-, turundus- ja disainimaastikul järk-järgult suurenemas.

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Allies ‘agency matchmaking’ to unleash new potential for e-residents

The success of our digital nation relies on mutual efforts of the public and private sector. The e-Residency program encourages businesses build value-adding services that complement state e-ecosystem and improve lives of both local and e-Estonians.

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